How To Stop Hair Fall After Hair Color?

How To Stop Hair Fall After Hair Color?

Is your hair giving you a hard time? Are they losing their shine and color? What can we say, as we get older we lose the beauty and glow of the younger days. It’s quite common for even younger people nowadays to see a speck of grey in their hair. But whether you are facing the loss of color because of stress or growing age, we have a solution for your hair troubles.

Our Hair is a prominent part of our personality and appearance, and getting it treated or dyed to enhance your looks is something that you should not regret. Hence, we have formulated an elaborate list of steps to help you prevent hair loss from coloring. By following these steps you’ll enjoy a good hair day, every day, and get that new hair look without any regrets.

Experiencing Hair Loss from coloring? Learn What Triggered it, Why it happened, and How to Prevent Hair Damage After Coloring.

If you just got your hair colored and are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss the culprit for your issues can be found in the recent hair treatment or hair-dying process. Hence, let’s learn the root cause of your hair fall. 

On investigating the matter in depth we found out that the ingredients in hair dyes and products used in the hair-dying process have harmful ingredients such as ammonia, PPD, and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients have severe bad effects on your hair and make them lose their strength and shine, eventually leading to hair fall.

But how to prevent hair damage after coloring? Do not stress we have the answers to all your questions. Read on ahead and find 9 effective solutions that you can add to your hair care routine for curbing the damage hair dyes have caused to your hair.

Try these 9 Effective Solutions If You are Facing Hair Loss from Coloring:

We know you are troubled by the hair loss from coloring. Hence follow these hair care tips and combat your hair issues like a pro. Now you don’t have to worry about how to stop hair fall after hair color and treatment. These tips will give you the right treatment for hair loss due to hair dye.

Embrace your Natural Hair color:

The first recommended treatment for hair loss due to hair dye is to take a break from all that bleaching and hair dying and embrace your natural hair color. Now, giving hair colors a rest will not necessarily solve your hair issues but they will not further aggravate the damage either. Hence avoid getting any hair treatments for a while and let your hair breathe. 

Try some natural Hair Dye:

You know going the organic and natural route is much better and rewarding than using quick-fix chemical solutions. If you experiencing hair loss and don’t know how to stop hair fall after hair color consider this.

Whether you want to change from blonde to brunette or transform yourself into a redhead try Henna, a natural hair dye to achieve that glorious brown or auburn locks.

Henna is a cruelty-free hair dye that not only acts as a great alternative to hair dyes it also makes your hair better by providing nutrients to your dull and dry hair. Additionally, you can also add some instant coffee and brewed black tea to the henna mixture before applying it to get greater results. 

Give your Hair a new life by using Nourishing oils and Hair masks:

We know this advice seems pretty cliché but providing your hair with some food and nutrients will make things so much better.  Try nourishing hair masks made from shea butter or use almond oil, argan oil, and coconut oil to promote hair growth and development.

Deep conditioning should be done at least two to three times a week to gain results and repair the damage. Furthermore, try using biotin supplements and consume ample proteins and vitamins to keep your hair healthy.

Steer clear of Sulfates or Parabens:

Want to alleviate your hair troubles and know how to stop hair fall after hair color? Use your hair products wisely.

Did you know the consistent use of Sulfates and parabens present in our shampoos and conditioners can cause dandruff, destroy your hair, and strip your scalp of natural oils?

Hence it’s wise to steer clear of these sulfates and parabens using organic cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners with added nourishing oils to keep hair damage at bay. 

Give that Straightener and Curler a rest:

You might already know that heating your hair for blow drying, curling and straightening can aggravate hair loss and hair damage.

Thus. put your hair dryer and straightener to rest and avoid causing further damage to your hair if you are already facing hair loss from coloring. Avoid heat styling and see the difference in your hair health.

Avoid the heat and try something cold:

Even though hot water can ease some muscle aches and seems soothing, it can damage a sensitive scalp. On the other hand Cold water aids in scalp recovery. Thus use cold water for washing your hair and prevent scalp dryness caused by hot water.

Additionally, remember that too much of anything can be bad. Hence, drop the frequency of washing your hair as it can also be damaging to your hair health especially when you are facing hair loss from coloring and don’t know how to stop hair fall after hair color.

Change your hair care routine and experience Regrowth:

Another treatment for hair loss due to hair dye is to allow your hair follicles to recover by halting hair dying for a while. Because hair regrowth will only happen in ideal conditions.

Thus take into account how much damage has already happened and give your hair time for regrowth. 

Trim on a whim and improve your hair condition:

Now we never said that going to a salon can be completely bad getting a haircut and trim from time to time can be extremely beneficial. Get your hair trimmed to remove damaged hairs and avoid further breakage and split ends. 

Identify the real culprit behind your hair fall:

Are you sure that hair dyes are the only reason behind your hair loss? Try finding more potential causes for your loss because there can be a thousand factors at play from medicinal side effects, to genetic alopecia even malnutrition, insomnia, pregnancy, and stress can contribute to hair loss.

Thus, identify the real culprits behind your hair fall before starting the recovery process to ensure better hair health.

Remember to consult a hair care expert and trichologist to find the reason behind your hair fall and never try any hair product before consulting an expert.

Furthermore, doctors advise to not use hair colors during pregnancy, thus beware of the potential harm hair dyes can cause, and use these chemically formulated products with caution. 


The bottom line is that for knowing how to stop hair fall after hair color you need to follow a proper hair care routine and treatment for hair loss due to hair dye.

Now you know hair loss from coloring can happen due to toxins and chemicals present in hair dyes. Hence, it is advised to be patient and wait an appropriate amount of time before getting your hair colored again.

If you are going for a complete makeover and color change with a permanent dye, wait 6 weeks before getting your hair dyed again. 


Does coloring hair cause hair loss?

Yes, frequently coloring hair with chemical formulations and hair dyes can cause severe hair damage and hair loss, Hence beware of the consequences of hair coloring and dying.

You can never know what type of harmful toxins and chemicals are used in hair-dying products you can be allergic to them or cause hair permanent damage if you are not careful.

What type of hair dye doesn’t cause hair fall?

Natural Hair dyes like Henna added with nourishing hair products like essential oils and butter don’t cause hair fall. They help enhance your hair's health and have the ability to repair years of damage.

Can dying your hair cause hair loss?

Yes dying hair with chemically formulated hair dyes that have ingredients like PPD, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide can cause severe breakage and hair loss. Hence it is wise to avoid hair dying, until extremely necessary. 

Why do hair coloring dyes cause hair fall?

The presence of harmful toxins and chemicals present in hair coloring dyes causes hair fall.

They can make your hair brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Therefore, when looking for a new hair color or look try using organic hair products and natural dyes.

Despite experiencing hair loss, is it safe to color my hair? 

You see Hair loss indicates scalp damage. Applying chemical-filled dyes to an already fragile scalp will result in further hair loss. To avoid damaging your scalp, consider utilizing natural colors or refraining from dying altogether.

It's essential to care for your delicate scalp and opt for gentler options if you have a hair-thinning problem.

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