About Us

Pharma Health UAE

Established since 2005

Pharma Health has been involved in the sale and marketing of pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical products since the last two decades. With the completion of its latest manufacturing facility recently, Pharma Health has embarked on a journey of success and tremendous growth by producing quality pharmaceutical products for all. The strong will and determination of its pioneers coupled with the dedication and devotion of the experienced and professional management has played a major part in establishing its formulae for success

Pharma Health is The Market Leader in the field of dermatology. It is covering almost all the major therapeutics in the field of dermatology. The masses are getting benefits of quality production proudly available in Pakistan and making the impressions worldwide. Pharma Health is the fastest growing company in the field of dermatology & Aesthetics. Gigantic move is being made in cosmetology where a huge variety of products is being introduced in local as well as in international markets.


Our Vision is to be acknowledged as a premier specialized pharmaceutical firm that is at the forefront of innovation for customers; with developed infrastructure of healthcare and production of beauty regimen products.


Our mission is to produce world-class medicines rooted on the strong research of dermatology & cosmeceutical grounds. Aspiring to serve individuals in a way that promotes self-care and self-love within them