What Is The Easiest Way To Curl Hair?

What Is The Easiest Way To Curl Hair?

Feeling uninspired and bored with your current hairstyle? And don’t how to style your wavy long hair creatively? Try something interesting like curly hair and change your outlook completely.

You see updating your hairstyle will make a significant difference in your looks and profile. So if you want to gain some confidence and experience a boost of energy and creativity to conquer the world, curling your hair can be the right choice to make. 

But how to curl your hair without damaging it? We understand hair troubles can ruin the mood and make you look Meh. Hence we have researched and enlisted 7 different ways to curl hair without consequences. Follow the steps for a complete makeover and don’t have to worry about a bad hair day in your life again.

7 Different Ways to Curl Hair to Perfection

Curly hair can not only transform your looks but also lift your spirits they can make you look fabulous and cute. Whether you want to make a statement by reflecting on your inner talent or want to make a good impression in your social gatherings. By changing your hairstyle from straight to curls will bring forward that X-factor and make you shine in every social setting. Following are some different ways to curl hair to perfection:

1) Achieve the Hollywood Glow by Stunningly Curling your Short Hair with a Curler:

Do you want to achieve the Hollywood glow by trying trendy and modern hairstyles of celebrities but don’t have very long hair? Do not worry and try this new look on your short hair.

This method requires a curler and only takes 10 minutes of your time. Take the curler and gently curl your hair toward your face and then away from your face in an alternating motion to achieve cute curls or flowy beach waves for adding a pinch of sass and attitude to the mix.

Take a big barrel and apply heat for an appropriate time to see well-defined curling results. This hairstyle can work on short, medium, and long hair alike and is the best way to curl long thick hair that has layers. 

2) Love a Hollywood Wave? Get your Dream 20’s Goddess Look by Pinup Curls:

Pinup curls were in fashion in the 20s and are still a great way to curl up your luscious locks. Hence if love a good Hollywood wave and 20’s goddess look try this method which requires a curling iron, a bit of water, and an hour to spare, additionally you need bobby pins, a hairdryer, and a hair extension brush which is mostly available at every home.

Now to try this method you need to curl your hair using a curling iron and then pin your hair up in the same position to cool your hair down to achieve long-lasting and voluminous curls.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a curling iron, slightly dampen your hair using some water, then use two fingers and wrap your hair around them, pin them up in that position, dry the curls using a hair dryer, and leave them to cool to achieve similar results like the curling iron.

Moreover, if you have some additional time let your hair dry naturally which is a better option for avoiding unnecessary hair damage. 

3) Achieve Effortless Curls with a Flat Iron:

A flat iron is a magnificent tool that can not only straighten your hair but also curl it perfectly. Furthermore using a flat iron is the easiest way to curl hair and add some volume to your magnificent tresses.

This method takes only 3 minutes to add some curling glory to your outlook. For creating large and looser curls separate your hair into sections if you already have your hair cut in layers then that will add even more definition to your hairstyle.

Use the straightener in the same way you do for straightening your hair from the roots to the ends and then stop at the end and wrap your hair around the straightener rolling it in an upward direction.

Then hold the straightener for a while to apply gentle heat and then remove the straightener to get your curls. The process is pretty simple and can seem messy but if you give it a few tries you’ll master the technique in no time. 

4) Try the Sock Bun Method: The Easiest Way to Curl Hair:

We know that the name of this method seems weird but it is one the easiest way to curl hair without wasting any time. It requires no extensive equipment, and only 4 mins in the morning and slightly longer before going to bed.

All you need to do in the method is slightly dampen your hair before wrapping them around a sock. Then keep your hair in place by tying them in a knot or place a hairband or pin around the end.

This method can work like magic if you do it the night before and sleep on it, for getting larger and prominent curls. However you can also do this in the morning and leave it on for an hour or so while you are getting ready to achieve similar results.

Moreover this method is great for people, who don’t have extensive equipment and want to protect their hair from heat with just a long sock and some water you achieve effortless curls and look your best for that important meeting at your workplace or impress the heck out of someone on a first meeting, or social event

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5) Take out the Big Guns like the Big Barrel Curler for a Complete Transformation:

This method is pretty easy and makes you look great with voluminous curls in no time, it is the easiest way to curl hair and the best way to curl long thick hair if you running late to work or an event.

This will only take 5 minutes of your time. Divide your hair into 6-8 sections or more if you have thick hair and use the big barrel curler to curl each section only once.

After you are done with the curling run your fingers through the curls to separate them and ta-da you now have well-defined curls without any hassle. You can further use a sea salt spray to give your a beachy goddess vibe or a messy wavy look. 

6) Achieve Luscious Curls With The Ponytail Trick:

To get your hair curled up by using this trick you only need a good-quality hair wand and a scrunchie. If you have long hair and always need so much time to style it perfectly, this method is the best way to curl long thick hair among several different ways to curl hair.

Now in this ponytail trick you can heat large sections of hair at once by making a normal ponytail and securing them with a scrunchie. Divide your hair in three to four sections then apply heat gently and curl a whole section in one go.

Once done with the curling, remove the scrunchie from your hair and run your finger through the curls and there it is, that’s how you can get curls in no time at all. This method only takes 5 minutes and works great for a busy day routine. 

7) Ditch the Curling Iron & Try Flexible Rollers:

You must have already seen them in a BTS of a movie, or television series when the actresses are getting a makeover they use this cost-effective method for curling their hair.

All you need for this method is 7 minutes to an hour, some flexible rollers, and a hairdryer. Now to get beautiful and prominent curls first you need to dampen your hair with a sea salt spray then separate it into tiny sections to achieve smaller curls and roll them around the rollers, once you have wrapped them all.

Secure the hair by twisting and folding the rollers at the ends. Then all you need to do is sit and wait to let your hair dry and that’s how you get all glammed up. You can use a hair dryer to completely dry your hair but remember to cool down your hair before unraveling the magnificent curly strands. And there you have it now you are ready for an appearance in the world of glamour and fashion. 

On an ending note, always use a heat-protecting spray before using a curling iron, or straightener because heat can damage your hair badly.

Furthermore, you can also use hairspray to keep your hairstyle in place, choose a hairspray with a strength that suits your hair type and texture. Use it by keeping it at arm's length and spray it all over your curls by waving your arms around your head and hair to cover all regions.

Additionally, make sure to let your curls cool down naturally or use a hairdryer for cooling your hair when they are wrapped in curlers to achieve desired results with more accuracy.

Whether you are using pinup curls or have clip-in hair extensions use teh cool-down method which is a versatile and handy trick to get defined curls in 15 mins.  


If you want to perfect voluminous curls try our elaborate list of different ways to curl hair and find the best way to curl long thick hair. With the right hair products, equipment, and time you can achieve shining curls which will not only add some flair and sass in your stride but also transform your persona.

Hence master your curling techniques with our help and conquer every feat that comes your way with confidence and pride. Happy Curling!

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